Research Paper - Quoting, Citing, Paraphrasing, Styling, Formatting and Referencing

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2️⃣ Days National Online Program on

Research Paper Quoting, Citing, Paraphrasing, Styling, Formatting and Referencing 

✔️ Applicable to all streams, branches and departments.

📌 Stuffs :  

Excellent study guides, Complete program videos, E-certificate (with ID & No.) will be provided.

📍 Details:  

🔰 Day 1 : Quoting, Citing and Paraphrasing 

 About : In this invaluable program, a research expert teaches you how to synthesize your research sources with your own ideas to form a cohesive paper that has one consistent voice: yours. You’ll learn the right ways to “plug in” the words of other writers within your own writing, so that your paper reads smoothly — and you sound mature, thoughtful, professional, and scholarly. 

 Topics covered: 

  • What Needs to Be Cited?
  • Common Knowledge
  • Facts
  • Using Your Research
  • Quoting
  • Paraphrasing
  • Introducing Quotations 
  • Direct Quotations
  • Block Quotations
  • Quoting vs Paraphrasing
  • How to Incorporate Your Research into Your Writing
  • Examples

🔰 Day 2 : Styling, Formatting and Referencing 

 About : The styling, formatting and referencing of your research paper can make or break its presentation — and that can have a significant impact on your grade! This comprehensive program covers mechanical details like fonts, margins, and spacing and provides an extensive overview of style guides like Chicago, Turabian, APA, and MLA and their varying approaches to references, footnotes, and bibliographies.

 Topics covered: 

  • Styles like APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, etc.
  • Making high grade impressive paper
  • Fonts to be used
  • Underlining, Italics, Bold, and Color
  • Size and Spacing
  • Margins and Justification
  • Title Page
  • Header and Pagination
  • Sources
  • Parenthetical References
  • Footnotes
  • Scholarly Use of Abbreviations
  • Bibliography
  • Works Cited & References

E-certificate (with verification link, Id. & No.), complete program videos and relevant E-books will be provided.

Fee: Rs 200 /-

Interested participants can Phonepe / Gpay / Paytm to 7893356131 or 8333852895.

After payment, kindly WhatsApp the payment snap to 7893356131

& full name, college name and email.

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1️⃣- Week Research Sessions 

1️⃣- Week Research Program 

2️⃣- Day Research Program 

3️⃣- Day Research Program 

5- Days Research Program

International Research Program

👉 For interested ; E-certificate (ID & No.), program videos and excellent study guides or relevant E-books will be provided.

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* Selected will get proceedings E-book with ISBN no. and participation E-certificate with verification link, ID & No.


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good morning everyone

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Good Morning to All, This is Dr. Kinchit Shah.

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Thank you for the opportunity sir. It's very informative

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Very nice and informative sir

M. SUMESH, Assistant Professor, Karpagam Academy of Higher Education, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India

wonderful guidance. it is now for me to put that into practice. amazing insight into research paper writing. gives lot of confidence.

Excellent sir. Kind request you to send the videos sir

Can u let me know sites that help to read marketing hr related journals and research.
Which are open and paid websites.
It will be helpful to me.

Ur videos are informative
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Swati chandak

good informative one

Nice. learned so many new things. thanks alot.

very thank full to u sir, very informative talk. delete 10 May, 2020

excellent programme. lot of information. will help to write research papers in greater detail. will help to get research papers

very useful session for research fellows

This webinar provides us many valuable points which are require for a researcher

Superb sir it is very help full as a research scholar for writing a research paper

Very Informative Seminar and Crystal Clear presentation. Thank you

It is really a valuable suggestions for making our paper effective. Thank you so much.


Thank you so much for the very informative webinar. I am a pg student, so this webinar is very useful for me for writing my reaserch papers and thesis.

very good presentation for beginners. Excellent presentation by the Professor.
I request you to organise one session about hot to search for journals, what is citation, etc., for Management
s rajesh

Thank you so much sir. very informative videos.

Very effective and fruitful presentation. Thank you..

Thank you sir for this informative session. The various links suggested and the points to be considered are helpful to a great extent.

Thank you Sir. The session was really a good learning.

Myself H.Divyaa session was very good but feed back link is not working

Very useful information thank you sir

Superb class dir which is useful to us

Very much informative you talk and videos thank you so much sir

Excellent presentation and his presentation was very clear and explained everything from the scratch. Thank you for this session. The feedback link is not working please provide a way to resolve it

Good presentation. Very informative and needed for the hour. Sir I want to know more about research paper in commerce with statistical tools. Thankyou sir

excellent webinar sir, i have learned much from it , thank you Dr.Mohammad Noori sir.

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Very effective and fruitful presentation. Thank you. Thank you so much for the very informative session. I am doing Ph.d, so this webinar is very useful for me for writing my research papers and thesis. Thank You somuch sir

It's really good session sir, I am very interested and thank you sir organized such types of sessions, sir what about fead back sir

Very fruitful videos... Thank you sir

It was very good seminar and it is very informative and productive for the first time writing the journal

Very excellent program sir. A lot of information gives. It's very useful session for research scholar.

Very usefull .. Thank you sir.. And thnx to organizer..

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Very informative Presentation..When Will you send the Feedback link??

Dr V Ramesh Naik from GATES INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. Session is very informative sir. Thanks

Thank you sir...its very informative and interesting step by step process to write a research paper....

Excellent topic and useful points.

Good morning, it has more information to beginners like me and you explained detailed everything and what are the difficulties you faced in your times. Yes,nowadays lot of ways to know about the information what we need like a Google. I like your session a lot. Thank you sir. Hope you will get another session from you sir.

The sessions was good and informative.

Thank you so much sir. Its very informative webinar.

Prayag Ratan Bute, PG- ME(CS), GHRIT delete 10 May, 2020

Thank u so much sir for this wonderful guidence, liked Webinar most.��
It was very informative, and going to be so useful for me.

Dear sir, thank you for valuable session,share important links mentioned during session, also request to share soft copy of the material on today's session.

Very useful session for researchers.thank you

Very useful session for research scholar

Excellent session
Ankita shukla
Research scholar
Mangalayatan university

Course is excellent ant very useful. This is my feedback. I tried to give feedback but it reached to today's limit. So kindly provide me certificate.

Informative , Thank you

Excellent session sir, it's very useful.

So informative sir. Thank you sir

Thank you sir, it's very useful

The session was informative and given the step by step guidelines for preparing research papers. Thank you so much.

i have gone through the all streams it is very interesting and useful thank you.......

Thank You Sir its really helpful

Very helpful and informative session
Thankyou sir

I have complete this session. This is very informative for me

Good and Useful vedios.
Kindly share feedback link

Dear sir, it was a wonderful session with informative videos, i am very much got clear idea about writing a research paper, really the videos are giving right direction for me to motivate myself to write more papers in future and sir suggested to use software tools also. thank you very much sir.

I have complete watch this session. This is very informative for me

Sessions were very informative and useful

very clearly explained. good sessions

Ty so much is very nice and helpful

Really very Informative and useful session

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Sir it was very effective class.i hope u will conduct such type of seminar again. Very useful sir.thank u so much providing such plateform.

thank you so much very informative and innovative.... looking forward for next sessions... kindly issue the e certificate .. thank u

Very informative session...thank you so much

very informative and innovative lectures. congratulations team.. looking forward to attend many more sessions

very informative and innovative lectures. congratulations team.. looking forward to attend many more sessions

Very nice session sir. It is very useful for me

Thank you sir for your wonderful and informative session on How to Write an Effective Paper,Really useful to enhance my profession. look forward to attend more of this sort. if the video is shared it will be helpful to us.

Very useful for me snd my research

Very Informative Insightful and Erudite Session. Plz Provide YouTube link if this session to me on my email:

It was a great valuable session and very useful for future

It is very useful for us in writting paper.Thank you sir

Good presentation,
Dr Manoj Kumar Gupta

It was a very valuable session for us and will helpful foe the research scholar

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Dr Shyam Salunkhe

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