NRR Practice Tests

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Practice Tests (Available):

[As Teaching and Research Aptitude is having more weight-age, it is mixed]

Teaching Aptitude (NRRtest1)

Communication (NRRtest2)

Logical Reasoning (NRRtest4)

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) (NRRtest5)

Research Aptitude (NRRtest6)

People, Development and Environment (NRRtest7)

Higher Education System (NRRtest8)

Grand Test 1 (NRRtest11)

Grand Test 2 (NRRtest12)

Grand Test 3 (NRRtest13)

Grand Test 4 (NRRtest14)

Grand Test 5 (NRRtest15)

Grand Test 6 (NRRtest16)

Grand Test 7 (NRRtest17)

Grand Test 8 (NRRtest18)

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