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Courses (Language: English)

  • Research Preparation

  • How to secure funding - ECR edition
  • Funding Hacks for Researchers
  • Successful research grant applications – getting it right
  • Discover how metrics can boost funding and networking opportunities
Research data management
  • How to conduct evidence-based research
  • How to manage and publish your research data
  • How researchers store, share and use data
  • Creating a good research data management plan
Research collaborations
  • How to produce highly visible research: Useful tips for researchers
  • The key to successful academic collaborations
  • Making academia–industry collaborations work

Writing for Research

Fundamentals of manuscript preparation
  • Guide to reference managers: How to effectively manage your references
  • How to prepare your manuscript
  • Structuring your article correctly
  • How to write an abstract and improve your article
Writing skills
  • Writing a persuasive cover letter for your manuscript
  • How to turn your thesis into an article
  • 5 Diseases ailing research – and how to cure them
  • Using proper manuscript language
  • 10 tips for writing a truly terrible journal article
Technical writing skills
  • How to write for an interdisciplinary audience
  • An editor’s guide to writing a review article
  • How to write case reports
  • Systematic reviews 101
  • Make the most of your research: publish your data & methods
  • Beginners’ guide to writing a manuscript in LaTeX
Book writing
  • Why write a book?
  • How to get your book published
  • Discoverability: top tips to get your book out there

  • Publication Process

Fundamentals of publishing
  • 10 reasons to get – and use – an ORCID iD
  • The journal publishing cycle
  • Making sense of science stories
  • The origins of scientific publishing
  • Gender Bias in academic publishing
Finding the right journal
  • A guide to journal citation metrics
  • How to identify the right journal to publish in
  • Detecting Image Manipulation: Routines, Tools & Limitations
  • Plagiarism
  • Authorship
  • Content ownership
  • Why you can't afford to ignore publication ethics
  • Demystifying permissions
Open science
  • How to leverage open hardware to improve your research
  • Publishing open access
  • What is open science?
  • Open access and navigating the journal landscape

  • Navigating Peer Review

Certified Peer Reviewer Course
  • 3.3 How to peer review a review article
  • What to expect from the Certified Peer Reviewer Course?
  • Introduction to the Certified Peer Reviewer Course
  • 1.1 What is peer review? Why peer review?
  • 1.2 Models of peer review 
  • 1.3 The typical peer review process
  • 1.4 How to get involved
  • 2.0 I just got a review invite, what’s next?
  • 3.1 How to write a helpful peer review report
  • 3.2 The comments to editors and decision recommendations
  • 4.0 What next?
  • Certified Peer Reviewer Course Assessment
Fundamentals of peer review
  • Diversity in peer review
  • Why get involved in peer review
  • Ethics responsibilities for peer reviewers
  • Recognizing peer reviewers: A webinar to celebrate editors and researchers
  • Transparency in peer review

  • Becoming a peer reviewer

How to review a manuscript
  • 10 tips for writing a truly terrible review
  • How to become a reviewer and what do editors expect?
  • How reviewers become editors
Going through peer review
  • How to respond to reviewers' comments
  • How do editors look at your paper?

  • Communicating your research

Social impact
  • Standing up for Science
  • How to create impact with patient and public involvement
  • How to write a lay summary
  • How your research can make an impact on society
Ensuring visibility
  • Seven strategies for scientists to communicate their research and create a brand
  • Conference skills for researchers
  • Social Media for Researchers
  • How to promote your research for maximum impact
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