10 August 2021

Tokyo Olympics: Who is behind the Medalists! Winners Coach Trainer

Tokyo Olympics: Who is behind the Medalists! Winners Coach Trainer
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tokyo olympics: Who is behind the medalists!

Indian athletes have won seven medals at the recent Tokyo Olympics. Neeraj Chopra won gold .. Mirabai Chanu, Ravi Kumar Dahiya won silver medals .. Peevi Sindhu, Lovelina, Bajrang Punia and men's hockey team won bronze medals. However, along with their hard work in the success of these athletes .. coaches have a key role to play. They also work hard to make athletes champions in sports. And who are the coaches behind these Olympics medalists? Let us know ..

Neeraj Chopra - Dr. Class Bartonietz, Uwe Han

Neeraj Chopra was coached by Dr. Klaus Bartonietz and Uwe Han from Germany. Neeraj became Uwe Han 'coach after winning gold medals at the 2018 Commonwealth and Asian Games. Han was the only athlete to throw a javelin over 100 meters in a javelin throw. No one has been able to break his record so far. Neeraj trained at such a person. In 2019, after Neeraj Chopra underwent elbow surgery, Dr. Klaus Bartonietz was appointed as his personal coach. Dr. Klaus knows all about the problems with javelin throw. Together, the two coaches made Neeraj a gold medalist.

Mirabai Chanu - Vijay Sharma

Mirabai Chanu, who won silver in weightlifting at the Tokyo Olympics, trained with former weightlifter Vijay Sharma. Vijay Sharma became the National Champion in 2014. He was in charge of the men's team at the Commonwealth Games that same year. Chanu stood by her in triumphs. When he failed in weightlifting in 2016, Chanu had the courage to train to train better. The result was her silver medal at the Olympics.

Ravi Kumar Dahiya - Kamal Malikov

Kamal Malikov from Russia .. Indian wrestler Sushilkumar came to India to train to win the qualifying competitions to qualify for the Olympics. However, that was not possible as Sushil was stuck in a case. Last April, the government included Malikov in the Target Olympic podium scheme (TOPS). Ravi Kumar, who trained under renowned wrestler Satpal Singh, was preparing for the Dahiya Olympics when Malikov was appointed as his coach. With this, Malikov took Ravi Kumar with him to Russia and gave him rigorous training. Thus Ravi Kumar mastered wrestling and won a silver medal.

Bajrang Punia - Shako Bentinidis

Bajrang Punia, who won a bronze medal in wrestling, was coached by Shako Bentinidis of Georgia. Bajrang is on the lookout for a wrestler who can quickly attack him in the ring. While playing with such people he wanted to improve his leg defense in speed attack. At the same time Shako became the coach of Bentinidis. Bajrang prepared for the Olympics by identifying weaknesses and advocating how to use strength in overcoming them. Bajrang shone with a bronze medal for his excellent performance under the direction of the coach.

Lovelina - Raphael Bergamasko

Mergamasko .. The Italian boxer is a five-time national boxing champion. He coached the Italian team at the Beijing, London and Rio Olympics. Under his tutelage, Italian athletes won six Olympic medals. He came to India in 2017 and became a coach for boxers here. The Indian boxers who trained under him at the Youth Boxing Championships in November of the same year won five gold and two bronze medals. Appreciating Raphael's training, the government appointed him as the High Performance Director for the Senior Women's Boxing Division. Under his leadership, Lovelina prepared for the Olympics and won a medal.

Peewee Indus - Park Tai Sang

Telugutejam Peevi Indus Badminton has not had an unprecedented success in the sport. Ento has already shown his mettle in the international tournament. However, Sindhu, who won silver at the Rio Olympics, is aiming for a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics. In order to win with the world champions, Sindhu needed some variation in strength and speed as well as in the game. It was during this time that she trained at Park Tai Song in South Korea. Park .. taught Indus skills in the game. She was also encouraged to stay close to the net during matches. But, Indus lost in the semifinals. Yet Park filled her with confidence. In the competition for the bronze with the encouragement of the coach, Sindhu won two games in a row and kissed the bronze medal.

Hockey team - Graham Reed

The reason why the Indian hockey team won the medal after 41 years is no doubt the charm of that team coach Graham Reed. Reed coached Australia at the Rio Olympics. At that time, Australia lost to the Netherlands 4-0 in the quarterfinals. It has since begun to tell players how to avoid mistakes that can pay a heavy price even in unforeseen circumstances. Reid coached the Indian hockey team at the Olympics. Prepared for bronze medal fight. India faced Germany for the bronze with the courage given by the coach. India won the thrilling match 5-4 and won the bronze medal.