10 August 2021

Bajrang Punia: That is why my bronze is gold! [Olympics]

Bajrang Punia: That is why my bronze is gold! [Olympics]
Source: Internet

Indian wrestler Bajrang Punia says the bronze he won at the Olympics is like gold for his family. He recalled that his mother Om Parry was worried about his knee injury before the playoff match. Revealed that he thought about injury more than the medal.

'After the defeat at the hands of Haji Aliyev in the semis I went to my room and went to bed quickly. Didn't seem to want to talk to anyone. Then call home and talk to the seller. She said she was more worried about my injury than wrestling. Wins are part of the game. Suggested to protect my knee in front. My mother said that my health is more important than a medal, ”said Bajrang.

‘Parents want children to win medals. My family members said that this bronze won by the wounded was equal to gold for them. Because they know that I am 20-25 days away from Matt in Russia due to injury, ”Bajrang said.

Bajrang, who competed in a tournament in Russia, injured his knee on June 25. He missed the game for three weeks. Qualifying for Tokyo was also in doubt. In the Olympics semis, too, coaches were advised to wear a knee strap and play a playoff match due to a knee injury. Bajrang disagreed and decided to face off anyway.

‘The physio gave me a strap because I was in pain. I wore the strap for the first two rounds if not comfortable. But it became an obstacle to my movements. That’s why I took it off in the bronze medal fight. Let’s see after that if the injury gets more severe. But I told my coaches that I could do more if I did not win bronze. The medal is important to me. I told him not to wear the strap under any circumstances. However, I am happy to receive the bronze, ”said Bajrang