1 July 2021

MNC CORE Jobs Frequently Asked Technical Interview Questions


MNC CORE Jobs Frequently Asked Technical Interview Questions
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MNC CORE Jobs Frequently Asked Technical Interview Questions

Real time applications in python

Final keyword

Html elements, tags, p element, why do we use html


Which skills or programming languages you know other than Python?

What is ASCII?

Permutations and combinations

Why you are interested in software field?

what technologies do you have interest

Swapping two numbers


Height problem

Sum of remaining elements program

Even and odd in C

Python is programming language or scriptive language? Explain

Variables ,pre and post increments

Did you create any web page?


Favourite language and subjects

Differences between C,C++, java, python

What is database, example, why do we use?

Reverse number in c ,java

Explain about mini project and some questions on machine learning algorithms

Types of storages

What technology you used in project?

Arrays in c


A number is 1/3 rd of its digit sum find the number.

Asked to develop code for string concatenation

Do you want to be a developer?


Major technologies in IT field

What will you do if you find that your web server isn't working?

Which programming language are you comfortable with, and why?


Data science


Computer networks

What is the difference functional oriented and object oriented?


Matrix Multiplication Program

Program using functions


Diff. between set and list

Data types in python



Cloud computing

Role in projects

Technical skills

You are the young employee in your team and all are experienced. No one has time to explain about technologies could you learn that technologies?

How can you satisfy the customer who is bargaining and who is irritating?

Palindrome program

How can you relate your skills to software?

Which technologies u will be aware


Difference between object and class

In your team all are experienced and u r the new joiner u observed all disabilities in their behaviour and work how would you advise them?


Analog signal and digital signal

Why from c to java... explain oops with examples... advantages of java over c

What is api  and how you used it

Tomcat apache


Mutability and immutability Examples.

Functions in c

Data bus address bus , processors, hard disk

Key features of python

What is storage

Compiler and interpreter

Maximum substring program

Technical questions like stack, queue,++,--

Application of AI on father's business

Modules and methods in python

Web technology

For loop syntax

Verbal ability questions

How you  help your father in farming as a software engineer easy methods of farming

What is the port address for Html Web?

Write an algorithm

If project is given without known languages in company wt should I do

How you can use your mechanical knowledge in IT field.

Explain Wireless communications and Advantages

Explain satellite communications

Explain a situation where you have used python programming skills in real life


Prime program

Medium rectangular width program


Software engineering

Asked about list and tuple in python

Computer networks, IP Address , MAC Address, TCP/IP, Networks

Memory management

DBMS definition, real time example of DBMS

Dangling pointers

What are IT key trends?

What is transaction and  explain how it is performed correctly

SQL Commands

Aptitude problem given I,e take 50% of water from a square bucket and bucket has 100% water and don't use anything like tape, vessel or mug etc....

At Present u r in which semester?

Any technology

If you consult any construction company there may be many chances but why you choose IT?

Electronic subject

Lang. you prefer

Program to find biggest element without sorting in array

What did u do in this leisure period?

Other than C what else related to computers have you learned?

Program to print 1 to 10 numbers in c

Which field is u interested in?

If u posted for testing in artificial intelligence will u do it?

In a square filled with 10L of water. How can you remove 5L of water without measurement?

Big data

Image saving in stack

Web server and application server

Palindrome without standard functions

Languages u learned

why gardening?(mentioned in resume)what are problems in teamwork


Why did you used MS sql in project instead of java?

While loop


Init python 

Web hosting

Largest 3 numbers

Why did you learn that subject

Use of 2’s compliment

What is a multiplexer and demux


Normal forms

Give Negative response of your favourite hero

Difference between DBMS and RDBMS

difference between delete and truncate

Oops real-time examples


What do you know about Microsoft Azure

How do you analyse data

ACID properties

Java program execution process


definitions based on Java and database

Data science

What are the algorithms used in ml and why that algorithm ... explain about that algorithm

Will you do any projects or jobs given to you?

What do you know about Devops

Usage of drop

Flow chart on the given query

Difference between SQL and MySql?

Difference between Microsoft Word and Excel?

What are Layers in Computer Networks?

How much salary you are expecting? 

Why manholes on roads are in circular shape?

Make a cake into 8 equal parts only in 3 cuts

Distance to be travelled by a train to cross the railway platform completely (where the train length is given)

Two trains approaching each other (given distance between the trains) a bird sits on the train 'A' . As both the trains start simultaneously the bird starts to move in the direction of train 'A' , as the bird approach train 'B' it will reverse the direction and then on approching 'A' again reverse, the same repeats untill both trains meet at a point. Now the distance covered by the bird is __.

Problem on probability

Given 2 measuring jars of 3lit, 5lit and a container. How can you measure 4lit

What is Digital communications and explain

What is analog communication

Microcontroller and micro processor

Say about your project 

What is NAND gate

What is difference b/w LCD and LED 



String palindrome

Find the no if the sum of the digits of the no is one third of the no

Find the number if twice the no is equal to 45 added to the half of the number

How to swap two num

Wt is list, set, dictionary nd 

New technologies you know

Wt is array

What is os

What is c

What is software

What is diode

What is transistor

What is cloud technology

What are softwares used for protecting system for virus

What is virus

What is pointer

What is printf and scanf

How does a Mobile work

What is internet

2. Project details

3. C language (max element from an array)

4. Why manholes on roads are in circular shape?

5. Make a cake into 8 equal parts only in 3 cuts

6. Distance to be travelled by a train to cross the railway platform completely (where the train length is given)

7. Two trains approaching each other (given distance between the trains) a bird sits on the train 'A' . As both the trains start simultaneously the bird starts to move in the direction of train 'A' , as the bird approach train 'B' it will reverse the direction and then on approching 'A' again reverse, the same repeats untill both trains meet at a point. Now the  distance covered by the bird is __.

8. Problem on probability

9. Given 2 measuring jars of 3lit, 5lit  and a container . How can you measure 4lit

C basics- data types




A program to solve

One programm(fibbonoci)


What is difference between microcontroller and microprocesser

Write program to add 2 numbers

C basics- data types 

Operating systems 

Difference of windows 10 and xp and 7

Explain your project

Role in project

Why you choose python instead of python

What about your project why you choose that project

How will u request the manager if u have not completed the project in time

C basics and asked me to  write code for one example which was given by interviewer itself

Basics of oops with real life example

How does mobile workProbability question - picking up the ball

Program to find the word which has maximum occured in a book

What is OS


Tell me the basic idea u have on how does an app work

Searching sorting basic def ?

u said ur passionate about coding if I wont provide u offer to technical nd gave offer to management how do u think ur skills helps us

Wt are types of variables in java?

Explain break and continue?

Write a program given number is prime or not?

What is static variable

I choosed java so sir asked all about java

eassy topic (educational achievement depends on friends society and family )

any projects done by u

basics of c and oops

asked to write program regarding prime number and reverse the number

Basic questions regarding our day routines

do you know about Cloud 

5. What is digital marketing 

Asked abt Ms excel and Ms word

do you know about AWS  

Subjects in current semester 

OOPs concepts 

Define CN

Difference between router and switches 

define OS 

what u have learnt in OS and CN 

Difference between C and C+

What is Object oriented programming 

Do u knw anything abt cobol?

6.How fast can u learn new things like cobol?

define inheritance 

how to declare variables

how to start a C C++ Java programs

which programming language you prefer and y 


String in python

Y string immutable?

About aws (project centered)

Other courses and certification

If u r placed in a team where u should work on diff tech which u don't know ..will u work or not?

abt Mini project

3) What is OSI model and TCP/IP model..?

4)what is network layer..?

5)what is dbms and types of dbms 

6)what is relational data base 

7) If your query in dbms is taking a lot more time to execute then what will you do

8)What is Data structures

9)What is polymorphism 

10) what is cache memory

11) why is data structures used 

12) Difference between while and do while 

About UNIX os

types of Os,which type of Os I'm currently using Nd it's version nd what is recent windows version

SQL - select statements , different databases and rdbms related questions

Java - constructor, methods , inheritance, polymorphism and asked examples.  

explain public static void main(string arr[]) in java

what is the difference between local variabld and global variable in c

Whats is a pointer in c

What is the usage of pointer in c

Write a program on replace values is modifying the input system. Given inputs are [0 1 2]   and function will be modifies the input [1 1 1]

Is c procedure oriented or object oriented? 

What is stdio.h


If u are assigned in a domain other than u expected what do u do?

What is java ide, why it is used 

what does software package means

what is a variable, structure and function

sir was also from ece so he asked branch related questions like which microcontroller u studied how many pins which pins r gnd and vcc. Did u have done any projects related to 8051.how did interface them.

Swap to find prime numbers from 1 to 20

an application based program and asked to algorithm

wap which are divisible by 7 and print that numbers.

Difference b/w malloc() and calloc()

Questions based on modulation and ECE based as sir was from same field

Program adding 2 numbers

Why is main used at initial

What is array?

Why functions are used?

What global & local variable?

What is inductor?

What is cdfc?

What is netwrking?

What are the network topologies?

What are variables functions and explain their syntax

Flow chart explaination and draw a flowchart of a given scenario

-In coding did u face any question challenging and how did u solve that?

-Program to swap 2 numbers without using 3rd variable.

--Describe an algorithm for an online registration for a fest in your college where students can bring their parents along with them so that at last you will come to know how many people are going to come to the fest.

-osi model 

in which layer do routers work

Html ,css , javascript , bootstrap (where we use ) 

Data structures and applications 

What is cloud

What is os and its types

Which os do you use

What is os. 

Narrate a recent movie/web series. 

Primary memory and secondary memory. 

What is Datastructure? 

Which os did u use till now? 

What is inheritance? 

What is AI? 

What is machine learning?

Common base configuration explanation and the output of it 

Am and fm limitations 

Xor gate 

What is computer architecture? 

What is OSI model? 

What is the role of physical layer? 

Tell about recent code u have learnt in java?

Explain about Your Project?

What is web services?

What is cloud?

How do u connect java with mysql?

What is polymorphism?Give example?

What is inheritance?

How u will overcome prmbl in our project

What is inheritance 

What are features of c

willing to extend if u r involved in project 

eee labs

solar panels working 


something you did in ur academic during 2 yrs of btech

is this your first interview? 

data structures, types of linked lists.,what is circular linked list? 

diff between c and python

using python to access files

sql query to access second maximum salary

9.if someone asks you for help in technical coding problem, will you help them? 

10.if you need some help in technical, will you ask someone ?

11.write a program fpr largest of three numbers? 

12.what are linear data structures? 

13.what are two dimensional arrays? 

14 what is for loop? 

15.nested if 

18.which one do you prefer, career in vlsi or software?  

20.which language is more suitable for accessing files c or python?

How to access the dictionaries in python?

What is an operating system

Write a code to print reverse of a number

3.basics of c and oops

4.asked to write program regarding prime number and reverse the number

5.Basic questions regarding our day routines

Tell me about the mini project that your about to do                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

write a program to check palindrome                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

And an algorithm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

6.ques on multithreading

CN ques on protocols

8.some more ques from computer networks

What is Computer System?

What is Internet?

Why AntiVirus is needed?

What is Operating System?And Types?

About IOS model?

What is interpreter?

What is world wide web?

What is Difference between Client sided and Server Sided?

In which field You want to grow?

What is Compiler?

What are current semister Subject names?

What are the trending techonology

Write a program to sort the array values

(he checked for white screen as he cant find it he told to explain me )

Which is language bettee u think c,c++,java,python

What is your favorite language

What is a data structure

Difference between windows and linux operating system

What kind of operating system did you used in your college?(Which version of windows did you use)

Describe a time when you made a mistake or when you did not complete the given necessary approach task or project or feedback did you receive,how will you change this approach as a result of this feedback ?

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