2 January 2020

Smart Phones as Computer’s Remote Control - A ECE / CSE Project

Smart Phones as Computer’s Remote Control

Source: hello engineers blog
The widely used and very popular smart devices, such as iPad, smartphones, PDAs, and smart game controllers, can be the excellent alternatives as computer remote controllers if we develop appropriate apps for them. For example, Yang and Li developed a system to use WiiRemote, Wiimote in short, to remotely operate a computer, where Wiimote communicates with the computer through Bluetooth. B. Koo etc. proposed a framework of using smartphones to control consumer electronics. C. Wingrave and others provided an excellent tutorial on how to use a smart device, Nintendo Wii Remote (Wiimote) in 3D User Interface systems. Generally speaking, smart devices are digital, active, computer networked, and user reconfigurable devices that can operate to some extent autonomously. These devices usually have the many unique characteristics, such as small physical size for excellent mobility. They are designed for handholding and carrying around. They are owned and operated by individuals.

Good Human-Computer-Interface. They have a small touch screen, a build-in physical keyboard or soft keyboard, and run a simplified modern operating system with good graphics user interface. Strong network capability, such as Wi-Fi wireless and Bluetooth allowing Internet access.