2 March 2018

Reasons why Laptop / PC Not responding, How to solve / fix it easily?

Source [Internet]: https://www.bungfrangki.com/2017/09/penyebab-laptop-not-responding-cara-mengatasinya.html.

www.matterhere.com - Nareddula Rajeev Reddy (NRR)


  • Laptop installed too many software / applications.
  • Running many applications simultaneously
  • Installing software / applications that are not compatible
  • Laptop / PC infected with viruses and malware


  • Use launcher, to tidy up the desktop shortcut view.
  • Install and then uninstall the application or software, when no use in future.
  • Using original and/ licence software / applications. Ex. Operating Systems (OS), antivirus, etc.
  • Try to avoid gaming software / applications of huge data size like in GBs etc.

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