2 March 2018

Laptop / PC / Tab Reinstall Problem Fixed – Steps to Overcome Reinstall

Source [Internet]: https://www.bungfrangki.com/2017/09/cara-mengatasi-laptop-lemot.html.

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The fix: You just need to disable unnecessary startup through Task Manager and select Start-up. As for getting into Task Manager the way is: 

#How 1: Press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete key on the keyboard, select Task Manager > More Details > Start-Up 

#How 2:Press Windows key + R > type msconfig > then onSystem Configuration select Startup

After that please select the program (application or software ever installed before) that you do not want to use while using the laptop. 

Right click on the program, then select Disable

Result(s) to

  • my computer is restarting again and again without any error message
  • computer restarting again and again windows 7
  • computer keeps restarting at startup
  • computer keeps restarting windows 7
  • computer constantly restarts before bios
  • my pc is restarting again and again windows 10
  • computer keeps restarting randomly
  • my pc is restarting again and again xp