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Engineering Mechanics GATE and IES Questions and Answers PDF

Distinction between branches of Engineering mechanics

Module 1
Lectures 1 & 2: Review of the three laws of motion and vector algebra
Lecture 3: Equilibrium of bodies
Module 2
Lecture 6: Trusses
Lecture 7: Friction
Module 3
Lecture 9: Properties of surfaces II: Second moment of area
Module 4
Lecture 10: Method of Virtual Work
Module 5
Lecture 11: Motion in a plane: Introduction to polar coordinates
Lecture 12: Motion with constraints
Lecture 13: Motion with friction and drag Mechanical Advantage
Module 6
Lecture 14: Momentum
Lectures 15 & 16: Work and Energy
Lecture 17: Collisions
Module 7
Lecture 18: Rotational dynamics I: Angular momentum
Lecture 19: Rotational dynamics II: Rotation about a fixed axis
Lecture 20: Rigid body dynamics III: Rotation and Translation
Lecture 21: Rotational dynamics IV: Angular velocity and angular momentum
Lectures 22 & 23: Rotational dynamics V: Kinetic energy, angular momentum and torque in 3-D
Module 8
Lecture 24: Harmonic oscillator I: Introduction
Lecture 25: Harmonic oscillator II: damped oscillator
Lecture 26: Harmonic oscillator III: Forced oscillations Projectile motion

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