Nareddula Rajeev Reddy
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Venkata Krishna Reddy Nareddula

Indian Polity and Constitution For All Competitive Exams Objective PDF

Source: Planet Knowledge Publications - No.1 in India. - Nareddula Rajeev Reddy (NRR)


Nareddula Rajeev Reddy (NRR)


  • Indian Constitutional Development
  • Constitutional Preamble Sources
  • Citizenship, Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties and
  • Directive Principles of State Policy
  • Parts/ Articles of the Constitution, Emergency Provisions
  • The Union Executive
  • The Union Legislature
  • The Judiciary
  • The State Executive
  • Indian Federalism and Centre-State Relations
  • Public Service Commissions / Attorney General / CAG /
  • Election Commission
  • Local Government
  • Amendment of the Constitution
  • Fundamental MCQs : Indian Constitution

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