12 February 2017

Software Project Management Viva Interviews Questions Answers PDF

Source: Credits goes to the faculty and staff of Pavendar Bharathidasan Institute of Information Technology.
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1.Name the important parameters to be considered for improving
software economics.
1. Size 2. process 3. personnel 4. environment and 5. Required quality.

2. State the limitations of conventional waterfall approach.
Time consuming
Never backward (Traditional)
Little room for iteration
Difficulty responding to changes

3.Mention the characteristics of project management?
▪ Commitment
▪ People
▪ Learning
▪ Goal
▪ Communication

4.Which factor decides the success of a project? ? Smart Planning
• Smart People
• Open Communication
• Careful Risk Management
• Strong Project Closure

5. What are three process perspectives?
• Software development is still highly unpredictable. Only about 10% of software projects are delivered successfully within initial budget and schedule estimates.
• Management discipline is more of a discriminator in success or failure than are technology advances.
• The immature level process.
of software scrap and rework is indicative of an

6. Define software matrices?
The continuous evaluation of measurement based techniques to
the software development process and its product to supply
meaningful and timely management information, together with the use
of those techniques to improve that process and its product.

7. Explain the different approaches in software process model
A workflow model
A dataflow or activity model
A role/action model
Iterative Processes model
Capability Maturity Model Integration

8. what are the five basic parameters in software cost model?

9.What is software project management?
Software project management is the art and science of planning and
leading software projects. It is sub discipline of project management in
which software are planned, monitored, and controlled.

10.What is a project?
A project is defined as:
▪ A specific plan or design.
▪ A planned undertaking.
▪ A large undertaking.

11.List some of the key characteristics of project?
o Planning is required.
o Work is carried out in several phases.
o Non-routine tasks are involved.
o Specific objectives are to be met or a specific product is to be

12.List the characteristics of the products of software projects?
• Invisibility
• Complexity
• Flexibility

13. How software projects different from other projects?
Software projects are similar to other projects, but have some
attributes that present particular difficulties, for example, the relative
invisibility of many of their products.

1. Explain about conventional software management. (16)
2. Explain about the evolution of software economics. (16)
3. Explain about the Improving software economics. (16)
4. Differentiate conventional versus modern software project management. (16)
5. Explain about reducing software product size. (16)
6. a. Explain about improving software process. (08)
b. Explain about improving team effectiveness. (08)

1.What is meant by the term “Test Artifacts”?
• The test artifacts must be developed concurrently with the product from inception through deployment. Thus, testing is a full-life-cycle activity, not a late life-cycle activity.
• The test artifacts are communicated, engineered, and developed within the same artifact sets as the developed product.
• The test artifacts are implemented in programmable and repeatable formats
(as software programs).
• The test artifacts are documented in the same way that the product is documented.

2.Give the typical contents of an architectural baseline.
• Requirements: critical use cases, system-level quality objectives, and priority relationships among features and qualities
• Design: names, attributes, structures, behaviors, groupings, and relationships of significant classes and components
• Implementation: source

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