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Electronics IEEE Project: Transmission of Audio by Laser Light

Electronics IEEE Project: Transmission of Audio by Laser Light

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So we all know that LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation most of the science majors, right from the day they were shown a laser in either classes or somewhere else, will have a attraction towards it. So if you haven't done a project with a laser, use this opportunity to work. We all know that light is now widely used a media of communication at different applications. We know about fiber optics too. where the data is converted into light and feed into one end of a fiber cable and received at the other end.

Robot working with Artificial Intelligence Technology [AI] Project

#Robot working with Artificial Intelligence Technology #AI Project

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The main objective of this project is to provide an AI, robotic toy and method of control that would vary the shape of the toy by requesting motions of the joints that are easily changeable and it also concentrates on reducing the number of parts used previously and reduce the time for changing the shape.

Smart Phones as Computer’s Remote Control - A ECE / CSE Project

Smart Phones as Computer’s Remote Control

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The widely used and very popular smart devices, such as iPad, smartphones, PDAs, and smart game controllers, can be the excellent alternatives as computer remote controllers if we develop appropriate apps for them. For example, Yang and Li developed a system to use WiiRemote, Wiimote in short, to remotely operate a computer, where Wiimote communicates with the computer through Bluetooth. B. Koo etc. proposed a framework of using smartphones to control consumer electronics. C. Wingrave and others provided an excellent tutorial on how to use a smart device, Nintendo Wii Remote (Wiimote) in 3D User Interface systems. Generally speaking, smart devices are digital, active, computer networked, and user reconfigurable devices that can operate to some extent autonomously. These devices usually have the many unique characteristics, such as small physical size for excellent mobility. They are designed for handholding and carrying around. They are owned and operated by individuals.

Good Human-Computer-Interface. They have a small touch screen, a build-in physical keyboard or soft keyboard, and run a simplified modern operating system with good graphics user interface. Strong network capability, such as Wi-Fi wireless and Bluetooth allowing Internet access.

Reduced size Antennas for Mobiles / Cellular System - Latest IEEE Project

Reduced size Antennas for Mobiles / Cellular System

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For a traditional antenna to work efficiently its size must be half of the free space wavelength so for 1Ghz the antenna must be 15 cms but apparently for microwaves and millimetre waves utilizing  more than or above 1Ghz can offer a reduction in the size of the material radiating. The same frequencies can also offer substantial bandwidth for the information-carrying signal. For example, if it is assumed that a radio transducer operates over a 10% bandwidth, a 100MHz BW for a 1GHz carrier frequency system is theoretically obtainable.

The design and usage of the wireless computers needs a specific frequency band available for it. Everybody knows that the Radio Frequency spectrum is not a free commodity and it’s being governed by specific bodies to avoid its interference by irresponsible users. The other reason is that particular frequency bands can be allocated to specific services. Due to the importance of some offered services, a given frequency band, treated as commodity, may be worth of billions of dollars when auctioned by a government to competing bidders (companies).

Automatic Face Detection using Color Based Segmentation and Template / Energy Threshold

Automatic Face Detection using Color Based Segmentation and Template / Energy Threshold

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This approach has shown a better performance taking 80 to 120 seconds to run which relies on its internal down sampling rate applied to the input image and other parameters which can be altered. Its Performance accuracy was approximated to 85% to 100%. With their final parameters, in Dell 1.8 MHz Pentium IV laptop it takes about 100 seconds.

[Download] Visual Code Marker Detection : A DIP Project for Engineers

[Download] Visual Code Marker Detection : A #DIP #Project for #Engineers

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The main four stages are pre-processing and segmentation, region analysis, registration and thresholding. All these stages are based upon visual code markers, how they are detected and decoded. Visual code markers are two dimensional bar codes which consists of an 11*11 square comprised of black and white bits. Two guide bars and three guide points are made fixed points for its digital detection. Thus out of 121, 83 contains specific information. These are read from top to bottom, right to left.

Latest Updated [IEEE] IETE Electronics [ECE] Electrical [EEE] Projects

Latest Updated [IEEE] IETE Electronics [ECE] Electrical [EEE] Projects
Latest Updated #IEEE #IETE #Electronics #ECE #Electrical #EEE #Projects

IoT Project idea on Gas Leakage Detection and Automatic Control - Nareddula Rajeev Reddy (NRR)

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NTA [UGC NET] Paper I II E-books Materials Notes MCQ FAQ PDF - Nareddula Rajeev Reddy (NRR)

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[100% Guaranteed Success] MCQ Exams/Tests Tips - Confirm Qualify

[100% Guaranteed Success] #MCQ #Exams / #Tests #Tips - Confirm Qualify

Will dealing with Multiple Choice Questions and Answers or Objective Type #Bits, kindly follow these tips...

  • Read answer loudly - twice
  • Formula(s) or Formulae - Write
  • All of the above - 52% Correct
  • None of the above - 51% Correct
  • Longest answer - 50% Correct
  • Eliminate the outliers (choose most suitable option)
  • Look at surrounding answers or options to infer the current question (choose relevant option)

Apply these when you are unable to answer. - Nareddula Rajeev Reddy (NRR)

[GATE ECE] All Subjects Excellent Handwritten Notes PDF Download - Nareddula Rajeev Reddy (NRR)

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ECE Formula Book (Top Downloaded)
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